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Kazuyoshi Kumakiri

Successful salesman Shunsuke falls into a concrete manhole with no immediate way out, in this clever nailbiter balancing black humour, social satire, and nerve-wracking tension.

Jul 31 21:30
Japan 97 mins

The Abandoned

Tseng Ying-Ting

In this powerful neo-noir drama from Taiwan, a grieving detective and her rookie partner seek justice for a series of murdered women whose tragic fates could be connected to an illicit migrant worker ring.

Aug 7 21:30
Taiwan 128 mins
Sold out

Apocalypse Clown

George Kane

Four desperate clowns (and one journalist) make their way through the Irish countryside after a freak electrical disaster in what may be the funniest (and only) clowns-and-catastrophe movie ever made.

Jul 21 18:50
Jul 23 14:15
Belgium, Ireland 102 mins

As Long As We Both Shall Live

Ayuko Tsukahara

Adapted from a popular Japanese light novel series, this epic tale of empowerment, fantasy and unlikely romance follows Miyo after she is forced to marry a fearsome military commander named Kiyoka.

Aug 8 18:45
Japan 115 mins

Baby Assassins 2

Have the gun-toting gamines, mopey Mahiro and chipper Chisato, finally met their match? The comedic action concoction BABY ASSASINS returns with a bigger and better round two!

Jul 27 19:00
Japan 102 mins


Larry Fessenden

Acclaimed horror auteur Larry Fessenden unleashes his long-mooted werewolf film, focusing on an artist struggling with his lycanthropy while his killings plunge a small New York town into paranoia.

Jul 20 21:45
Jul 27 11:30
USA 103 mins

Cadillac Clown

Robin Aubert

Brimming with black humour, surrealism and freedom, CADILLAC CLOWN is the perfect oddity for Fantasia, but also the first cornerstone of Robin Aubert's cinematic oeuvre.

Aug 1 21:00
Quebec 65 mins
Sold out

The Cassandra Cat

Vojtech Jasný

A cat with magical powers brings chaos to a small town when it reveals people’s hidden characters by changing their colour. This joyously inventive Czech new-wave classic returns in a striking new 4K resto...

Aug 9 19:15
Czech Republic 105 mins

The Childe

Park Hoon-jung

A mixed-race boxer finds himself hunted by multiple assassins. This insane action film with a comic-book flavour needs to be seen with a wild crowd!

Aug 2 21:15
South Korea 118 mins


Kim Jae-hoon

A driven detective and a serial killer find their minds are trapped in each other's bodies. An over-the-top and insane body-swap thriller with non-stop suspense and brutal action.

Jul 26 21:15
South Korea 106 mins

A Disturbance in the Force

Jeremy Coon, Steve Kozak

The story of the making of THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL, the infamous 1978 made-for-TV variety special monstrosity that's so bad even Jar Jar Binks would be embarrassed to be seen in it.

Jul 29 14:30
USA 87 mins


Eddie Alcazar

Two cosmic brothers abduct a mad pharmaceutical mogul on a quest for immortality in Eddie Alcazar’s face-meltingly stylized sci-fi mind trip.

Jul 22 21:40
USA 88 mins

Eight Eyes

Austin Jennings

Vinegar Syndrome’s inaugural production, shot on 16mm in Serbia, is shocking and sure to disturb, bursting with tension and packing visually mind-bending jolts that will melt your eyes out their sockets.

Aug 4 21:35
Aug 6 11:45
USA, Serbia, Macedonia 86 mins

Empire V

Victor Ginzburg

A young Moscow resident is inducted into an elite ruling class of vampires in a strikingly imaginative film whose savage satire of the oligarchy led it to be banned by the Russian Ministry of Culture.

Jul 29 21:45
USA, Russia 116 mins

Flaming Cloud

Liu Siyi

Cursed with a sleep-inducing kiss by gambling deities, Sangui sets out on a journey to find a cure and his long-lost love, in Liu Siyi’s debut feature, a distinctive, whimsical and romantic fantasy.

Aug 3 18:45
China 107 mins

Hundreds of Beavers

Mike Cheslik

A zany and anarchic homage to the silent film era pits a drunken applejack salesman against hundreds of beavers.

Jul 28 21:20
Jul 31 11:45
USA 108 mins

In My Mother's Skin

Kenneth Dagatan

Kenneth Dagatan’s second feature film is a Filipino folk-horror fairy tale to freeze the blood in your veins, a gory, gothic nightmare in a time and place of perfidy, dread, and desolation.

Jul 21 21:45
Jul 25 14:15
Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore 97 mins

Killing Romance

Lee Won-suk

Imaginative, hilarious, and visually sumptuous, this madcap musical comedy is a must-see for filmgoers in search of daring and delightful cinema.

Aug 4 19:00
South Korea 107 mins

Late Night With the Devil

Cameron Cairnes, Colin Cairnes

A career-best performance by David Dastmalchian headlines this innovative horror instant-classic in which a live television broadcast in 1977 goes horribly wrong, unleashing evil into the nation's living r...

Jul 30 21:30
USA 100 mins

Mad Cats

Reiki Tsuno

After receiving a mysterious message containing clues to his missing brother’s whereabouts, Taka embarks on a quest that leads him to a gang of warrior women with extraordinary feline abilities.

Aug 4 21:30
Japan 88 mins

Mad Fate

Soi Cheang

A demented fortune teller and a “born psychopath” try to defeat fate and solve a murder in Hong Kong auteur Soi Cheang’s madcap supernatural neo-noir. Produced by Johnnie To.

Aug 3 21:00
Hong Kong 108 mins

Marry My Dead Body

Cheng Wei-Hao

Ghost lore, gangsters, and gay pride collide in this three-way mash-up of supernatural goosebumps, high-octane police thrills and odd-couple comedy from Cheng Wei-hao (THE TAG-ALONG)

Jul 25 21:15
Taiwan 130 mins

MAYHEM! (Farang)

Xavier Gens

Former MMA fighter Nassim Lyes stars in FRONTIER(S) and GANGS OF LONDON director Xavier Gens’ brutal revenge thriller that explodes with stunning fight choreography and heaps of ferocious action staging.

Aug 8 21:15
France, Thailand 99 mins

Miss Shampoo

Giddens KO

Apprentice hairdresser Fen and Taiwanese Triad boss Tai strike an unlikely romance in Giddens Ko’s zany genre hybrid.

Aug 6 16:10
Taiwan 120 mins